Organic vegetable seeds
The Exoplantus shop provides you with organic seeds to create or develop your kitchen garden. Tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers cultivate yourselves delicious vegetables by opting for this simple and environment initiative.

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  • Organic Salads
    An essential accompaniment. A salad it is so good. Our numerous varieties of seeds of salad tighten you arms...
  • Organic Peas
    Slightly sweetened, base numerous accompaniments and recipes. Make our seeds of organic pea germinate.
  • Organic Leek
    Vegetable with good nutritional, usable density all year round. Our seeds are fully qualified teachers ECOCERT.
  • Organic Condiment Salad
    Ideal vegetable for the preparation of numerous receipts. Seeds of organic rocket.
  • Organic red Beetroots
    Seed of beet cultivated for its fleshy, delicious root in salad
  • Organic Chard
    Chard is a fabulous one winter vegetable. Seed of chard.
  • Organic Cardoons
    The cardoon : typical winter dish with low content in calories.
  • Organic Fennel
    Vegetable taste delicately aniseed completely edible.
  • Organic Solft Corn
    Ask for our seeds of but to savour an unusual vegetable to be consumed sweet or salty.
  • Organic Color Tomatoes

    The tomatoes of colors represent a merry mixture of flavor and color. Discover our seeds of tomatoes of varied colors.

  • Organic cherry tomatoes

    A tiny, colored, delicious vegetable... Ask for our seeds of cherry tomatoes.

  • Quantitative offer
    Special prices for important quantities of seeds.
  • Organic Parsnip
    Cousin of the carrot, this vegetable forgotten to the perfumed and sweet taste, to the delicate flavor.
  • Tomatoes bio
    Small, big, round, oval, red, yellow, green: exceptional vegetable all year round. Discover our seeds of ORGANIC red tomatoes.
  • Organic Radish
    In the radish everything is usable, fade them and the root. Discover our organic radish seeds.
  • Organic Sweet Peppers
    Summer vegetable closes in the tense skin. Numerous varieties of seeds of peppers.
  • Organic Squash Melons
    Archetypal winter vegetables, delicate taste. Seeds of green, yellow, white squash melons.
  • Organic Watermelon
    Summer fruit by preference, refreshing, quenching the thirst. Seed of watermelon.
  • Organic Onions
    Essential vegetable in the kitchen, delicious in vegetable. Ask for our seeds of organic onions, certified ECOCERT.
  • Organic Turnips
    Little requiring and from easy culture, ideal accompaniment for the game. Do not thus hesitate to make our seeds of organic turnips germinate.
  • Organic Melons
    The seed of melon: the sun in plates: fleshy, sweet, perfumed.
  • Small Leaf Salad bio
    Our seeds of lamb's lettuce, the ideal vegetable for a wintry salad.
  • Lettuce bio
    A garden without lettuce is as a pizza without olives. Of very numerous varieties of seeds of salad at your disposal.
  • Organic Marrows
    The marrow is a fruit to be consumed all year long so raw as cooked. Seed of organic marrow.
  • Organic Pickles
    Close cousin of the cucumber and the very pleasant condiment. Seed of gherkin.
  • Organic Aromatic
    Organic seeds for a set of perfumed plants, used in the kitchen, in alternative medicine, as decorative plant and for their aromas.
  • Organic Cucumber
    Not only greens, but also white or yellow, our seeds of cucumbers to be sowed in tree nursery or in full field will surprise you by the variety of their tastes and their crunchy texture !
  • Organic Cabbage
    Colored and decorated with flowers, summer or late of autumn, our varieties of cabbages resulting kitchen gardens of the world will make of your garden a unique place. Of the seed of Broccoli in the seed of cabbages Pe-Tsaï, take advantage of an organic food which will delight your papillae. Put some whim in your garden !
  • Organic Chicorey
    Our varieties of chicory will surprise you by their resistance to cold, their adaptation to the storage, their wealth in proteins and in vitamins and their beautiful aspect. Sowing of seeds of chicory to obtain frizzy or wavy salads, there is for all the tastes !
  • Organic celery
    The vegetable stemming from the seeding of the seed of celery allows to use the root and the leaves : in salad, purée, soup.
  • Organic Carrots
    Beautiful, colored and nourishing : varieties of seeds of carrots as we see it nowhere else !
  • Organic Eggplants
    The Eggplant is cultivated for fruits, consumed as delicious vegetables. Organic seeds.
  • Zucchini bio
    The zucchini contains a record quantity of minerals and trace elements. Organic seed of zucchini.
  • Organic Watercress
    Among fresh vegetables, it holds the record of content in sodium. Seed of watercress.-salad.
  • Organic Spinach
    Spinach contain big quantities of vitamins: the favorite vegetable of Popeye ! Seeds of organic spinach.
  • Broad Beans bio
    The seed of bean is floury with a flavor pronounced by hazelnut and a smooth texture.
  • Organic Beans
    Of numerous varieties of seeds of organic beans, representing a vegetable of ideal accompaniment.
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