Advises of gardening

Give all the chances to your seeds to germinate and gardening in good conditions

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  • Gardening under porch

    The ideal place for the protection of plants and flowers during the months of winter or bad weather, is the porch. If the porch is warmed as all other rooms(parts,plays) to be lived, that is between 18 and 22°C the wintering of plants and the seeding of seeds will be made in excellent conditions. Do not forget of : - Move closer to windows the plants which need luminosity but watch to control the temperature of the middle-day in case of sun hurling its windows. - Do not forget to ventilate well the porch to renew the stuffy air it will avoid the appearance of diseases. - A space is necessary between all the plants. - The waterings are to be reduced but the humidity of the ground is nevertheless in watched.

  • Tips for germination
    The phase of germination of a seed is the basis of the strength and splendor of a flower or 
    plant. The beauty of your flower garden depends.
  • Sowing period

    To have a beautiful garden the works are permanent. Each month is suitable for seeding certain plants, flowers or vegetables.