Tea infusion millennium excellence with countless virtues. Ingredients from organic farming. Certified ECOCERT.

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  • Organic black tea

    A wonderful different drink cup after cup.

  • Organic green tea

    Organic green tea soothes and cleanses the mind.

  • Organic tea

    Herbal teas, also known as infusions, are weakly healing but very thirst-quenching drinks obtained by macerating flowers, leaves, stems, roots, etc. in hot or cold water.

  • Organic Rooibos

    Delicious drink without tea and antioxidant. Also called "red tea". Very thirst-quenching drink with delicious and sweet fragrance. Leave to infuse about 20 g. Of organic rooibos tea in 1 liter of very hot water.
    It is a national drink in South Africa, the country of origin of this shrub.

    ROOIBOS is without theine and has antioxidant properties. It is also called "red tea".