Tips for germination
The phase of germination of a seed is the basis of the strength and splendor of a flower or 
plant. The beauty of your flower garden depends.

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  • Bauhinia seeds

    Bauhinia becomes enlightened easily from seeds. - Plant seeds as deep as 1-2 cms in your ground. - Keep in the heat, wet but not waterlogged. - The seeding occurs in the 3-4 weeks, but could be longer. - The process of seeding could be boosted if you dip seeds into the hot water for night.

  • Brugmansia seeds

    Easy to cultivate from seeds. - Dip seeds into the hot water during 24 hours before sowing on surface in one compost for seeds. - Recover the whole of little of compost or of vermiculite. - Do not forget the light which helps in the seeding. - Maintain an optimal temperature 15-18°C. - Preserve the surface of the wet ground, but never diluted. - The seeding occurs in 14-30 days, sometimes more. - The seeding can be faster by applying the technique by thorough heat. The blooming can occur from the first year.

  • Coriander seed

    Advises of seeding: - Sow seeds in a place at the middle brightened up and at the middle shaded by the garden (sun in the morning and shade(shadow) after noon(south)) - Plant seeds the some next to the others in row - To plant in approximately 1 or 1,5 cms deep - The spring and the autumn are seasons convenient to the sowing of coriander - For a fast growth, a drained and wet ground (but not diluted) - Maintain wet with a thorough heat between 18 and 21 ° - Seeds can be put in pastilles of compost (see on our site) - The seeding intervenes at the end of approximately 30 days (even beyond, or more quickly).

  • Heliconia seeds

    Heliconia is rather tolerant in the cold and suits well in the Subtropical climate. Generally, Heliconias is always in leaves in the Tropical and subtropical regions. The ideal temperature is of 25°C. Get some heat and the humidity. He can survive in conditions of full sun or partially brightened up. The ground must be rich, packaging of the moss of spaigne, the organic matter and the sand, fertilize regularly. This plant requires a lot of water, water abundantly during the growth and moderately during the winter months. Preserve the wet, not waterlogged ground. Scarify seeds. Then, dip seeds into the water for 4 days. Change the water every 12 hours. Plant in 3/4 of deep thumb in;

  • Lotus or water lily seed
  • Peas seed
  • Strelizia seed
  • Musa seed