Sowing period

To have a beautiful garden the works are permanent. Each month is suitable for seeding certain plants, flowers or vegetables.

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    Sowing can be made in DECEMBER, and it to have a beautiful kitchen garden from the first days of the spring, even during winter months if you have the possibility of making sowing under shelter. Right now, you can proceed: - In the sowing of the dwarf peas, the radish blacks, spring and winter lettuces, passiflores - In the plantation of the bulbs of tulips of tulips, narcissuses, etc.... The sowing made before spring has to be made in a protected place: either a greenhouse, or a tunnel, or a porch, to protect your sowing of the frost. The place which you will have chosen must be bright and has to be for a temperature being situated between 12 ° and 15 °. Use a compost which will favor the drainage and the aeration, that is a containing compost the perlite. The attention which you will carry(wear) in your sowing realized during winter months will allow you to transplant from the beginning of the spring your small plantations and so can take advantage of it as soon as possible.


    The end of the winter is close, and thus the spring comes with large steps(very quickly)... BULBS : bulbs are to be right now crashed so that your kitchen garden is extremely beautiful from the first days of the spring or the summer. PLEASURE GARDEN : you can begin at the moment dedicatedly to begin all the sowing to be able to proceed to the transplantings from the first days of the spring. According to regions, you can from February proceed to the sowing in full ground and thinking of protecting your sowing in the evening. KITCHEN GARDEN : all the vegetable seeds can be sowed(scattered) at the moment under shelter either under greenhouse, or in kit of seeding (available in our online shop). By proceeding to the sowing right now, you can proceed to the transplanting in full ground.


    March announces the return of the spring and the first beams(shelves) of the sun. In the kitchen garden, it is the moment to proceed to the sowing of all the vegetable seeds to have the kitchen garden which will please of all the family. All our seeds are ORGANIC and fully qualified teachers ECOCERT. In the pleasure garden, it is also the moment to proceed to the sowing of the annual flowers and quite different flowers for an exceptional spring and summer(summery) blooming. Attention on the late frost(gel): protect your sowing till the end of March.


    In April everything is possible. The risks of frosts are taken away at the moment. The seeds of flowers, plants, vegetable must be put in seeding either under shelter in biodegradable jars of seeding, or in full ground shielded from the wind. If you make your seeds germinate under shelter in jars of peat you will quickly obtain seedlings wished which you can put in full ground by the end of April and take advantage quickly of an exceptional fllowering of your pleasure garden or of beautiful vegetables for the health of all the family. Do not forget to moisten well your sowing without diluting them. The spray is an ideal tool for the moistening of your sowing under shelter. Your sowing makes under shelter or in full ground owes credit note of the clarity, a good temperature but to be protected from the wind and the drafts.

  • May

    From May all the sowing and all the plantations in full ground are possible. It is nevertheless necessary to wait that the period of the saints of Ices passed because morning frosts are still possible. All of the organic vegetable seeds wait only to be sowed(scattered): carrots, cabbages, chive, basil, cucumber, parsley, gourds, zucchinis, etc.... The sowing under shelter to be more late made is advised(recommended) for a later harvest and so to take advantage of it during winter months.


    In August, a month of relaxation par excellence it is nice to start preparing the autumn by sowing parsley, sprouts of all families, white onions, winter radishes, rocket, salads 'winter.

    It is also possible to sow beans and fennel in regions with mild climate.

    The place you have chosen must be bright and must be at a temperature between 12 ° and 15 °. Use a soil that will promote drainage and ventilation.


    The month of September is the month of harvest, but especially the ideal month to sow the seeds of your autumn and winter vegetables.

    Here is the list of the main seeds to plant in September:

    White onions
    Salads: Winter lettuce - Scarole - Roquette - Mâche
    Depending on the region, seeding under cover is to be expected. Do not forget the watering, because the autumn months can also prove dry.


    Despite the fall season, October is the ideal month for planting under shelter all kinds of radishes, radish especially "Eiszapflen", all headed cabbage varieties to be able to enjoy during the winter or when the first days of spring. The season is also ideal for planting in the ground, roses raids seeds, cabbage lettuce or iceberg lettuce, small weight, spinach, beans, lamb's lettuce, onions.