Flowers and Plants Seeds
Who has not ever dreamed to have in his garden the most beautiful flowers of the world ? The Exoplantus shop proposes you numerous seeds of flowers, plants, trees and shrubs. Exotic, climbing, carnivorous, aquatic realize a decoration of inside or outside which looks like you by growing yourself beauties of the nature.

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  • Quantitative offer
    Special prices for important quantities.
  • Timeless Flowers
    Seeds for pleasant, magnificent structured flowers, at any time and at any time.
  • Perennials
    A pure marve l: flowers and perennials embellish your garden from one year to the next.
  • Fruit trees
    Fruit trees have their place in all the gardens: ornamental and great culinary. The seeding of our ranges of seeds of fruit trees for a garden in your image.
  • Exotic flowers
    Of fabulous seed for wonderful flowers: tacca, strelizia, physalis, hibiscus, camellia.....
  • Annual plants
    Seeds of magnificent flowers under all their forms, all the colors, all the sizes.
  • Palm trees
    The palm tree symbolizes tropics, sun, holidays... Ask for our seeds of palm trees.
  • Conifers
    Essential tree in any pleasure garden, thus discover our seeds of conifers.
  • Trees Shrubs Borders
    A touch of peace of mind in gardens. Take advantage of our seeds of trees and exotic shrubs
  • Bonsai
    The word 'Bonsai' is of Japanese origin and means 'planted in a jar. A bonsai is a wasted tree which as soon as possible of which we eliminate the root pivot of the tree. The cutting of this root pulls entails the development of the side roots.
  • Succulent plants -...
    The seeds of cactus for plants easy to cultivate, strange, mysterious, with or without flowers, small or big.
  • Indoor - Porch -...
    To have a warm inside, nothing is worth the flower arranging. Discover our seeds of house plants.
  • Aquatic plants
    Seeds of vegetables of bank or swamp, to decorate and fit out your aquatic garden.
  • Climbing flowers
    Seeds of very charming flowers to furnish facades, wire nettings, pergolae, balconies, terraces...
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