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Rehmannia Elata seeds


Beautiful tubular Flower Pink-Purple in colour with red dots. Bronze tinted grey-green foliage. Baf of 10 seeds.

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The Chinese Digital can reach up to 60 cm, or even 1 m high. Tubular Flower Pink-Purple in colour, dotted with red dots. Ideal for temperate climates.

It flowers for a long period: from May to November.

The plant will flourish more in cool temperatures not hot. In more southern areas, the plant will be unfortunate in the summer, but will flourish in winter. Its foliage grows in a rosette taking a grey-green and tinged with bronze color.

Small rosette of leaves develops from rhizomes, all around the plants. The leaves are triangular and very short.


Cold-resistant plant. The plant prefers rich, moist, very well drained soil. It becomes resistant to drought after one to two years. Water regularly without feed the soil with water.