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Musa Acuminata seeds


Small banana tree also named Dwarf Cavendis Banana. Bag of 5 seeds.

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This small banana can reach 1 to 2 metres high and produces delicious small bananas to very fine skin. 

The flesh, ivory white to yellow, can be firm, astringent, even Gummy becoming soft and gentle in Americ. 

Banana stems usually form towards the end of the summer and continues during the winter. The fruit can be harvested by cutting the stem when the bananas are plump but green. For a fruit matures in the tree, cut in one at a time when it matures. 

A harvested regime should be hung in a cool, shady place. Maturation can be accelerated by covering the regime of a plastic bag.

Hardiness zone : -5 c to 4 c. Musa Acuminata grows best in a sunny position, in a well drained soil. Banana trees need fertile soil and an abundance of moisture, for better growth and a good performance. The development of the plant during the first 3-4 months determines the weight of the scheme and the number of bananas.

Germination : sow the seeds to about-12 mm deep in a peat mixture. Seeds usually germinate in 7-180 days. Hold in greenhouse for at least three years before planting out. Germination can take longer.