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Musa Ornata seeds


Clear pink inflorescence with yellow flowers in each bract. Bag of 10 seeds.

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Musa ornata can reach a height of 2.50 metre. The plant remained smaller if it is grown in a pot, for colder regions. Superb in a floral arrangement.

This ornamental plant has an inflorescence of a clear pink. 3-5 Yellow flowers occur within each bract.

Flowering occurs throughout the year. Very quick to flower, as soon as the plant reached 90 cm high.

This small species has long, narrow, and shiny leaves. The underside of the leaves is green. The leaves can be up to 2 metres long, 35 cm wide.

The fruits have a length of 9 cm and 2 cm in diameter, yellow-green in colour with a white pulp, nonedible, but decorative.

Hardiness zone : -5 ° mini C in winter. In the summer, the plant may remain outside, but she will need protection against the cold in winter. This species can withstand cold if it is well protected. Musa ornata is perfect for the home, since it is an excellent plant pot.