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Rosa Canina seeds


Magnificent thorny shrub offering beautiful ornaments in a hedge. Baf of 10 seeds.

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Rosa canina or dog rose is a thorny shrub that can reach three metres high.

Free-standing or climbing roses.

Long erect branches are arching and difficult except on the floral branches without spines. Flowers, or wild have rosé simple Corolla with five white petals and numerous stamens.

Hardiness zone : -32 ° mini C in winter. Robust to-15 ° C. He dislikes very dry or flooded soils. Good drainage is essential, although heavier soils are also tolerated.

Germination : seeds to sow approximately 1 mm deep in a mixture of well drained seed. Mixture to keep wet for 2 or 3 weeks at a temperature of 27-32 ° c. Then, keep it at 3 ° C for 4 months and germination should begin. Rosa seeds usually germinate in 30-365 days.