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Acer Oblongum seeds


Foliage of reddish colour when it is young and dark green more later. Bag of 10 seeds.

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Acer Oblongum reached 15 metres high. The foliage takes a reddish colour when young and a dark green color è adulthood.

The leaves are 5-18 cm long and 2-8 cm broad. Is either wrinkled or smooth bark and trunk has an irregular shape at the base.

Small branches are reddish-brown and smooth. This tree produces small white flowers green with narrow petals.

Hardiness zone : mini 15ºC in winter. Acer oblongum like partially sunny places. It prefers acid and neutral and well drained soils. This plant can grow in clay soil. Since acer oblongum measure up to 15 metres high, it is important to leave a space between each specimen. The ideal is to leave 5 metres away on all sides. Keep your tree under a full sun; He needs a good source of light every day. There need to be watered regularly.

Germination : pre-chill the seed during 2-4 months at a temperature of 8ºC 1ºC. Plant each seed of an individual pot up to what the young plants are 20 cm. Keep the ground wet, but not wet. Germination can take several weeks or even more.