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Ficus Benghalensis seeds


Huge mature tree. Aerial roots. Bag of 10 seeds.

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Ficus Benghalensis can reach 30 metres high in nature. With its huge branches supported by roots, it can extend to several ares. Growing up, Banyan produces aerial roots hanging horizontal branches, that form of real roots when they reach the ground.

The extent of these roots can create a forest alone.The young leaves are a golden brown and hairy, becoming shiny and retaining only a few mature hair.

Figs are bright red and about 2 cm in diameter.

Hardiness zone : 1°C in winter. The Banyan is a tree that can easily remain indoors all year. Use a soil made up in part of soil for gardening, for part of coarse sand. As a plant inside, he likes well-drained, moderately moist soil. Let the ground almost completely drying up and water then extensively.

Germination : seed do need no pretreatment. Seed 1 cm deep. Keep the soil moist, not détrampé. The pot must be heat, 20°C to 24°C. Germination occurs in a few months, this may be more.