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Lagerstroemia Indica seeds


Trunk and branches covered with a greenish to Brown bark. Tanned dark green leaves. Flowers pink, red and purple from July to September. Bag of 10 seeds.

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This tree is growing rapidly, in nature it can reach 60 metres and more.

trunk and branches are covered with a bark smooth, greenish to Brown, who in is écaillant révelle a new bark pink below.

The leaves are highlighted when they take place, becoming dark green with maturity. They turn to a yellow-orange in the fall, before falling to the ground.

The tree can be cut after the leaves are fallen. Lots of pink, red and purple flowers appear on new shoots of July in the fall.

Hardiness zone : -15°C mini in winter. The LILACS in India requires a slightly acidic, moist soil and a well drained. Water abundantly, it does not tolerate drought. Reduce watering in winter. Grow in full sun.

Germination : seed must be submitted to a stratification cold months before planting in gardening soil. Keep the soil moist, not soggy. Keep the pot to heat 20°C and obtain a light source. Germination can take a few months. Bag of 10 seeds.