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Chaenomeles Japonica - Quince tree of Japan seeds


Very popular for its beautiful small flowers of pink, red or orange-red color. Flowering of a long period. Bag of 10 seeds.

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The tree can reach 1 metre in height. Chaenomeles Japonica is valued for its beautiful small flowers.

The flowers may be white, pink, red or orange-red. They are produced as soon as January and flowering may continue over a long period, following even the appearance of the leaves.

The leaves are 3 to 5 cm long. The bark is dark grey.

Hardiness zone : -26°C mini in winter. It is a tree that requires little of maintains. It is almost not beatable. Can be grown in several kinds of soils. Quince of the Japan tolerates a variety of climates including droughts and a mercury-10 ° C. Water regularly, especially during the hot summer months. Reduce watering in winter, but never leave the ground to dry up completely. The soil should be well drained. The tree prefers full sun, partial shade in summer, in very warm climates, is preferable.

Germination : seed must dip in slightly warm water for a period of 24-48 hours. Later, 3-4 months of stratification cold is required before planting in gardening soil. Keep the soil moist, not soggy. Germination takes usually a few months.