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Bamboo Phyllostachys - Moso Bamboo seeds


The giant bamboo Moso bamboo is a beautiful bamboo to small green leaves. Bag of 10 seeds.

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Bamboo phyllostachys or Moso bamboo is the most broad and beautiful of the bamboo. The stems have several utilities, the plant for controlling soil erosion, as screen for privacy, to break wind. It can be trimmed to the desired height.

The bamboo has small green leaves of 4-11 cm long by 0, 5-1. 2 cm wide. It is in leaf in the year. Bamboo stems primarily emerge in the spring, with a diameter of each stem will have. Each year, while the root system develops, more and more large columns will emerge until it reaches the maximum size of the species. The shoots grow rapidly, up to 30 cm per day.

The Bamboo spread by rhizomes, which develop at 360°, and which can spread indefinitely. Rhizomes develop primarily horizontally, undulating between 15-40 cm of the soil surface. It is a good companion for the trees.

Hardiness zone : -15ºC mini in winter. The type of soil is not really important, although he preferred a neutral ground. It can tolerate full sun or a partial shade.