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Ceiba Pentandra seeds


Huge tree. Grey trunk and glossy green palmate foliage. Small white flowers of cream tint. Bag of 10 seeds.

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Ceiba Pentandra is a giant tree. Its height can vary between 30 and 70 metres high. The trunk is grey and consisting of small filaments, thin as hair. The prominent roots are an element characterizing the tree.

Its wood is very soft and is Cup as easily as cheese, hence its name. It becomes brittle when it is dry. Its foliage is made up of large palmate leaves of approximately 20 cm long, bright green. It is lapsed. The tree produces small white flowers which take a cream, yellow or pink tint. They are nocturnal and appear only in winter and when the tree is devoid of its leaves. Ideally, it is grown in a hot and humid place and the ground of the Kapokier must be rich and well-drained. Abundant water and moist soil.

Germination : Plant your seeds when the temperature exceeds 20°C to about 6 cm deep. Soil moist but not soggy. Give direct heat and humidity, without Sun plant. The semi-shade is acceptable. Germination takes a few weeks, or even more.