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Sequoia Sempervirens seeds


Very large conifer. Narrow and rounded Crown. Rapid growth. Used in carpentry. Bag of 10 seeds.

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Leaves if Sequoia is a coniferous tree can reach 40 m to 60 m. Port erected, leaped, pyramidal slightly drooping branches. Narrow and rounded Crown. The tree is devoid of branches on a third or half of its height. Fast-growing when young. Sequoia has a very broad trunk (9 m in diameter).

The bark is thick (15-30 cm) fibrous and cracked, red orange, and soft and spongy texture. Wood, excellent qualities, without resin canals, is which. It is resistant to insects and fires.

The leaves are arranged on the secondary branches in two rows of long needles, flattened. They are green above and whitish below. The foliage is persistent and aromatic. Flowering occurs in winter. The inflorescences are tiny at the shoots.

Hardiness zone : -10°C mini in winter. The Sequoia has need of a deep soil, fresh. He loves the Sun and a sheltered place. This tree takes a lot of water.

Germination : prior to seeding, you need to Stratify seeds for about 3 months. Then place the seeds on a wet compost, pressing firmly so that they are perfectly ground contact. Do push them too much, they must stay on the surface. They also need a soft light and a temperature of about 20°C to germinate. The seeds are very susceptible to drought. Sequoia sempervirens seeds usually germinate in 7-60 days, but even in good conditions germination may be erratic.