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Tabebuia Rosea - Trumpet Rose tree seeds


Flowers range from pink to pale pink or even same white appearing in clusters of approximately 30 flowers. Bag of 10 seeds.

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Tabebuia Rosea or trumpets Roses tree can reach 20-30 metres high and the base of the tree can be 1 to 2 metres in diameter.

The flowers range from pink to a pale pink to white and appear in clusters containing up to 30 flowers. They are 10 cm long and 6 cm wide. In the spring, these flowers extend on all branches, from March to may, for a short period without sheet.

The leaves are green to olive green dark, 6 to 12 cm long by 1 cm wide and develop small yellow hairs on the leaves.

The trunk is smooth, thin and covered with small lines marked grey bark.

Hardiness zone : -5°C mini n winter.

This tree loves the heat. Plant in the Sun, the wind 24in. The soil must be constantly wet, do not leave it to dry between waterings. Obtain a fertile, well-drained soil. Water and fertilize regularly.