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Punica Granatum Nana seeds


Tanned color sheet, a brilliant mature green contrast. Bag of 10 seeds.

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The dwarf Grenadier can only reach a maximum of 1.2 m. Its trunk, wonderfully knotted, provides the tree if sought former appearance in bonsai culture.

The young leaves grow, a colour suntanned, turning bright green with maturity, and towards the end of the year, taking shades of yellow.

The leaves are then suspended the tree until the end of the year.

This small tree has, at a young age, very beautiful small flowers in forms of trumpets, the end of the summer.

Hardiness zone : -15°C mini in winter.

Obtain a place where it will be protected from the cold and dry winds. The soil should be sandy and light. He enjoys a well drained soil and semi-arid conditions. Once established, the tree needs very little water to survive. water once a week. Increase watering to 2 - 3 times per week when in flowers and produces its fruit. This tree responds well to the heat and conditions sunny; place it in the Sun.

Germination : seed must dip in slightly warm water for a period of 24-48 hours. Subsequently, a month of stratification cold is required before planting in gardening soil. Keep the soil moist, not soggy. Germination can take a few months.