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Actinidia Arguta seeds


Edible berries. Leaves deciduous ranc green color. Bag of 10 seeds.

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Actinidia arguta is a Liana climbs to 6 m high, about, and has deciduous foliage, a fragrant white flowers, and edible fruit smooth and smaller than kiwis.

The kiwi is a very cold-resistant Liana, since she resist dormant cold of the order of-25 ° C, or even less. In the period of vegetation and flowering, it is also a very ornamental liane. The kiwi leaves are deciduous, relatively broad, Frank, and smooth green.

The flowering of the kiwi is fragrant and occurs in June. A plant can produce between 10 and 50 kg of fruit. They do not long retain. The Actinidia arguta is consumed fresh, peeled or not. It can also return to the preparation of jams, dairy desserts, etc.

Actinidia arguta requires exhibitions semi-shade, light, and a well drained soil. Bag of 10 seeds.