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Fragaria Vesca seeds


After a beautiful white flowers appear small very fleshy strawberries of the Woods. Bag of 10 seeds.

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Fragaria vesca is commonly called wood strawberry. It can measure up to 25 cm in all directions. Leaves white flowering place famous strawberries of the Woods, small fruit scented and appreciated.

Fresh fruit, strawberries, consume nature to sugar, with wine or fresh cream, fruit salad, or are cooked into jam or pastries. They are used also in confectionery as well as to the preparation of sorbets and ice.

These fruits contain mainly the levulose and fructose, and very little sucrose. The edible portion is very meaty. Both consumes the flood than cooked, pastries, or jams then. Strawberries of the woods are very cold-tolerant plants, which bear gels of-30 ° C maximum.

Wild strawberry wood appreciate fresh, fertile but well-drained soil. Bag of 10 seeds.