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Heliconia Nigripraefixa seeds


Heliconia Nigripraefixa can reach a height of 6 metres. The bracts are pending red. Bag of 5 seeds.

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Heliconia Nigripraefixa is a large Heliconia reaching 6 metres high. This Heliconia produces 25-35 pending red bracts. The leaves are apparently close to the family of the banana.

The bracts of the Heliconias are so broad and colorful, that they almost completely hide the flowers, which are small and develop within the bracts. A Heliconia will flourish in a pot.

For flowering in the second or third year, you will need to keep the pot warm during the winter. Flowering occurs from May to August.

Hardiness zone : -5 ° mini C in winter. Heliconia nigripraefixa is rather tolerant to cold. The ideal temperature is 25 ° C. It can survive in conditions of full sun or partially sunny. The soil must be rich, containing rootlike foam. This plant requires lots of water, water heavily during growth and in the winter months moderately. Keep the soil moist, not soggy.

Germination : scarify the seeds. Then, soak the seeds in water for 4 days. Change the water every 12 hours. Plant to 2 cm deep in a light, moist, well drained soil. Compact the soil so that the seed is of 2-1.5 cm of the soil surface. Cover the pot of a transparent plastic will help retain moisture around the pot. It is important to be patient, the Heliconia can take several months before germination.

Scarification : seed envelope can be so robust that it is almost impermeable. They need to be scratched or broken, using a knife or sanded to germinate paper. Skinning seed the length envelope will also help the young shoot out.