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Citrus Mitis seeds


Small orange tree with small white flowers are very fragrant. Glossy Evergreen. Bag of 5 seeds.

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The small white flowers are very fragrant. The fruit resemble small Orange about 3-5 cm in diameter which are edible.

Orange dwarf is most grown for its decorative appearance for its fruit. Its foliage is persistent, dark green and glossy.

The leaves are rather small and rounded. It is very easy maintenance.

Hardiness zone : 1°C mini in winter. Orange dwarf can tolerate for small periods of frost above -4°C and also resists drought and heat of the House in winter. Under - 5°C, the tree dies.

Germination : Use a mixture of potting and garden soil, without limestone. Plant 1 cm deep. For this shrub germination time is relatively short. The seeds germinate in about a month, but it could take more time.