Sowing and plantation of DECEMBER View larger

Sowing and plantation of DECEMBER


Sowing can be made in DECEMBER, and it to have a beautiful kitchen garden from the first days of the spring, even during winter months if you have the possibility of making sowing under shelter. Right now, you can proceed: - In the sowing of the dwarf peas, the radish blacks, spring and winter lettuces, passiflores. 

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The sowing made before spring has to be made in a protected place: either a greenhouse, or a tunnel, or a porch, to protect your sowing of the frost. The place which you will have chosen must be bright and has to be for a temperature being situated between 12 ° and 15 °. Use a compost which will favor the drainage and the aeration, that is a containing compost the perlite. The attention which you will carry(wear) in your sowing realized during winter months will allow you to transplant from the beginning of the spring your small plantations and so can take advantage of it as soon as possible.