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Yucca Rigida seeds


Blue tint foliage and flowers of color cream. Bag of 10 seeds.

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Yucca Rigida has a blue tint of its foliage and its striking appearance makes him a very noticed specimen in a garden.

The long leaves blue-grey, flat, sloping with a spine, adorn this tree. The leaves are linear, slightly more broad in the middle and channelized, approximately 90 cm long by about 5 cm wide. When the lower leaves of Yucca Rigida age, they turn brown and fall to the bottom, parallel to the trunk, and become attached to the stem by-like material to glue under each sheet.

The inflorescence is hairy, and (3-6 cm) flowers are cream-coloured and Bell. They are attached to large 60 cm stem and are suspended in foliage, slightly downwards.

The beautiful spring white flowers are followed by capsule of a woody texture.

Hardiness zone : -12°C mini in the winter. This tree is moderately in need of water, but above all a well drained soil. It grows very well in the Sun but tolerates light shade. This yucca has excellent heat and drought tolerance.

Germination : sow the seeds of yucca in a gravelly mixture of peat, coco fibre, vermiculite and perlite. Cover seed with a thin layer of soil, about the same thickness as that of the seeds. The seeds will grow after a few days or weeks.