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Livistona Chinensis seeds


Palm range of modest size. Slow growth. Enormes leaves and inflorescence of yellow-cream color. Bag of 5 seeds.

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Livistona Chinensis or Palm Range Chinese can reach 15 m high, but smaller, grey and smooth stipe and the lush leaf Crown generally. This Palm is slow-growing, especially in temperate zone. It is capable of withstanding brief gels of the order of -8°C, or even - 9°C.

The range Chinese Palm has a persistent foliage and a relatively dense, lush palmate leaves Crown. The leaves can to 1.50 m long approximately, and are slightly drooping on their end.

The inflorescence of range Chinese Palm is cream-yellow in colour. The fruits of this Palm are bluish, and 2 to 3 cm in length.

Livistona chinensis requires the following exhibitions: semi-shade, light, Sun this Palm tree is tolerant of a relatively wide range of soils, but prefers relatively draining soil. It supports occasional droughts but prefers a soil remaining fresh.

Germination : soaking the seeds for 5 days in water then seedlings in hot mini-greenhouse either greenhouse (20°C at night, 30°C day), or bottom heat (over a warm heat source). B