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Also called ginger pancakes. Costus speciosa is a spectacular and beautiful plant for its impressive foliage. Bag of 10 seeds.

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Called ginger pancakes, can reach 1.5 m high in a climate without frost. Costus speciosus is a spectacular plant developing of large dark green leaves up to 20 cm in length and over, by 4-6 cm wide, arranged around the stem in a spiral. The plant is magnificent for are impressive foliage, and spectacular flowers. The plant produces red bracts and white flowers.

The flowers appear in late summer or early fall. The flowers are similar to paper crepe, hence are nickname, ginger pancakes. The Crape ginger developed from modified roots called rhizomes. A single rhizome will produce new shoots and the plant will reach 90 cm in diameter the second year under ideal conditions. It is important to keep the rhizome dry winter, but in the spring, at the beginning of his regeneration, it must be well watered and fertilized.

Hardiness zone :-mini 15ºC in winter. It is ginger who has the greater resistance to cold among those developing spiral. For best results, the plant should get 3-5 hours of direct sun per day and be grown in fertile, moist, well drained soil. The soil must be constantly wet.