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Canna Indica seeds


Enormous and magnificent flowers red with touches of orange, yellow, and violet, which arise at the top of a green rigid stem. Bag of 5 seeds.

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Large red flowers, with sometimes accents of orange, yellow and even purple.

These flowers appear at the top of a long rigid Rod green purple.

The conflore foliage resembles that of banana. The leaves are generally less than one metre and present shades ranging from green to purple.

Flowering may take several years.

Hardiness zone : -10 ° mini C in winter. The foliage of the conflore does not withstand frost. The plant survives even if it has lost its leaves, they will return the following spring. The ideal climate for this type of plant is hot and dry. The conflore adapts easily to a temperate climate when it is planted in the ground. Placed on the outside, it supports a full sun, but the semi-shade. A more regular watering makes it much more beautiful foliage.

Germination : it scarify the seeds, and then dip in hot water for 24 hours. This will facilitate their germination, as they are very tough. Plant your seeds, in rich soil-based potting and garden soil. Place them on the surface and put a layer of manure over. Fertilize twice a month and keep the soil moist. Give your plant lots of sunshine. Germination may take several months, almost a year.