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Iris Versicolor seeds


Beautiful light blue flowers are ideal for landscaping. Bag of 10 seeds.

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The blue flag iris can reach 1 metre in height. It is ideal for water garden or landscaping.

The flowers are large, 10-12 cm wide, attractive, pale blue or bright and bearing the yellow and white marks at the base of the sepals. They appear at the top of a straight stem, may to July.

The leaves are narrow, slightly arched, in the form of sabre d ' a green-blue.

Hardiness zone : -37 ° mini C in winter. IRIS versicolor is grown in a sunny or partially sunny place. Keep the soil moist at all times.

Germination : the growth is rapid. Scarification can accelerate germination. They are dipping in slightly warm water for a period of 24-48 hours. Subsequently, 3 months of stratification cold is required before sow 1 cm deep in your soil. Keep the soil moist, not soggy. Germination takes a few months, this could be longer.

Scarification : seed envelope can be so robust that it is almost impermeable. They need to be scratched or broken, using a knife or sanded to germinate paper. Skinning seed the length envelope will also help the young shoot out.