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Small stones-like plant from which the name of "Living stones". Bag of 10 seeds.

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The Lithops are small plants whose compact growth allows to to grow a collection in a rather restricted space. They are excellent plants of House.

The color of the Lithops lead to be confused with stones in nature. Plants camouflage among the stones in defence mode.

The leaves are thick so that you can store enough water to survive during months of drought. The reasons and their surface colors is similar to the stones of their environment.

The flat part of the top of the leaf has the function of a window. This window has a very important function, allowing light to enter the body of the plant.

During periods of drought, the Lithops can penetrate into the soil, becoming pit. Most of the Lithops produce their flower in autumn and early winter. They are yellow or white depending on the variety. They open during the afternoon of sunny days.

Hardiness zone : 1°C mini. The Lithops should not be exposed to temperatures below 5 ° C. They should be left to dry in the winter and early spring.

Germination : the best way to inoculate is to use a soil drains easily and sow on the surface, it is not necessary to cover the seeds. Keep the soil moist to avoid that the seedlings will dry up. The seeds germinate relatively quickly. Within a year, the plants are ready to be transplanted.