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Parodia Sanguiniflora seeds


Red colour in any season. Small in size. Retains its leaves in winter. Bag of 10 seeds.

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Small size and reach adult age 15 cm in height. It keeps its leaves in winter. Pushing it develops a shrub rounding.

Parodia sanguiniflora has need of a temperature at least 15°C.  It is advisable to check the night temperature before placing outside. Place this plant in a place types, with the rays of the Sun for hours more fresh the day.

This plant can withstand low temperatures, even to below 5°C, but if they are grown in a climate harsh it is necessary to avoid watering.

Germination : The ideal is to sow in spring, after the month of March. Before, the days are not enough long and often there are clouds that reduce the brightness. The month of April, it starts to make less cold and can even sow without the use of heating.