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Round Cactus as bullets and rigid spines. Bag of 10 seeds.

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The Melocactus are round as bullets and several rigid spines. Mature, their body ceases its growth and produce a Crown called cephalium. This very thorny area is where the flowers and fruits will be produced.

The cephalium can grow for several years, and in some cases, the size of the body of the cactus.

The Melocactus develop from April to October. The flowers are usually in shades of pink and red. They are produced in abundance between spring and fall, depending on the species. They are resting from October to April. During this period, little water. Keep rather dry soil, but make sure that roots do not dry up.

The Melocactus may be a little difficult to cultivate, but with good care, they are interesting specimens. Roots grow in width and little depth.

The Melocactus need a well drained, light soil and porreux. They require a lot of light and more heat than other cacti. Water regularly, but leave the soil drying between waterings 2.